"The self, once expanded, cannot contract to its former dimensions." John Locke

What our clients say:

Terri Altschul

PCC, Founder Women Connected, USA.

Being in a mastermind of Books to Courses™ has been a turning point in my business and vocation. I have been sitting with a wonderful book for four years feeling stuck and not knowing where to go next. Olimipia helped me to see the possibilities, met me right at my level, and made this so easy. She is a wonderful course-creator who gets YOUR work!!

Isabelle Begin

Manager, Identification and Talent Development, Quebec, Canada

Collaborating with Olimpia made me realize that two competencies are of the utmost importance for anyone who aspires to improve. First, self-awareness, which means having an accurate sense of my own strengths, limits, motivations and reactions and for me to be able to use this information effectively. Second, the importance for me to trigger engagement into any change management process I want to bring in.

Iuliana Stan

Author of "Organisational Common Sense"

If you wrote a book, next step is to transform it into a successful workshop, so people will not only read it but they will start to apply what is written in it. I had the chance to transform my book in a very practical and insightful workshop with Olimpia's great understanding of my concepts and with her outstanding design abilities. Working with her is a learning experience and I would recommend everything she creates: only remarkable and life changing approaches.

Natalia Abrosimova

Learning and Development Manager, Russia.

There are so many benefits of learning. Starting from building new capabilities for the next career step and financial wellness to improving your health. But learning is also a great joy. This is where Olimpia’s biggest strength is: she is a professional who will ensure receiving the desired outcome and result. But she is also an expert in human nature: you’ll get a lot of fun and pleasure via this journey. This is a rare combination in life: good and pleasant together.    

Peter Iff

Head of Purchasing Excellence, Switzerland

Olimpia Mesa knows how to take her audience on an exciting journey, her course design and delivery are truly remarkable. Olimpia has both inspired and gave us tools to teach, motivate, and encourage audiences not just to listen but to change and to act.

Roxana Cunningham

Director at JustinCunningham Online, Results Coach and Facilitator, New Zealand

Olimpia showed me how to think differently about my content and gave me tools to teach, motivate and get my audience to create change. This is the best investment I have made for my business moving forward.

Etem Alnigenis

General Manager, Turkey

An exceptional course with outstanding performance - she impressed all of the participants with her inspiring instantly made hand drawn visuals. She kept whole groups attention at the highest possible level throughout the whole course. It was probably the most effective learning experience I have ever attended, I wholeheartedly recommend working with Olimpia to anyone interested.

Diana Rosetka

Managing Partner at Equatorial, Romania

Olimpia’s Book To Courses™ Online School is jam packed with information and her work background allows you to get to the core of things quickly and easily. She knows the expert secrets to make our learners coming back for more and more learning experiences. She helped me shift into a new mode of creating work. I’ve learned how to take the content that I have and expand it to the point where I’m able to reach more people in a more deeper level.

Dattatraya Kamatkar

Senior General Manager, India

Insightfully and thoroughly, Olimpia showed us the need to enhance creativity and innovation by thinking differently about our content. With a little investment of time and creativity, you can make courses that engage people’s minds and eyes. After a class with her I just wanted to quietly pick up each of the ideas she crafted and figure out how to bring the practice to my own work. Her system is a timely, winning, and approachable proposition for anyone who wants to create courses that have an impact and sell!

Roxana Mitu

Learning Coordinator, Romania

I virtually travelled with Olimpia on three different continents because of the three reasons I appreciate her the most. When on the Old Continent Olimpia brings new approach to old themes. Our over-used communication trainings become interesting journeys, hip-language translates into interesting and catchy games and collaboration goes to a new level because of her fresh approach. Olimpia transforms old fashioned content into value for new learners. When on the Continent of Spices I called Olimpia for help as she is one of the most seasoned and adaptable consultants I know, analyzing and adapting to many cultures and markets. And in the New World in thought of her and recommended her to a friend because, as I told Olimpia herself, when she brings the design to a course, you feel like a kid on Christmas day, excited to open the box and see what is inside.

John W. Howard

President of Performance Resources, Inc, Blog Author, USA

For conference talks or small courses, Olimpia can teach you how to transform any content into engaging, intentional, and meaningful experiences.

Kimberli Pitts Calhoun

CPLP Principal at KPC Consulting, LLC, USA

Olimpia is a very talented and skilled facilitator, who does an excellent job connecting with and meeting the needs of her audience…  Her in depth knowledge of instructional design and facilitation skills are complemented nicely by her pleasant, professional demeanor. It was a real treat to work with her. I've already been able to successfully integrate things I learned from her in my designs and delivery with very effective results. I look forward to collaborating with her again on future endeavors.

Harry Shuttleworth

Director of Staff Development, Transylvania College

Now I'll assess my trainings and add the missing parts, also remove some. I need to try being more imaginative, also need to try including more "sensing", "acting", and "embedding". I'm feeling so excited and driven!

Andreea Petrescu

Intranet and Knowledge Base Coordinator, ING

Where have you been until now, Olimpia? I'm feeling energised, overjoyed, and very motivated to transfer in practice everything I've learned today: the metaphor technique, the empathy map, the headline formulas and the power words, all.

Simina Prutu

Intranet and Knowledge Base Coordinator, ING

How do you do it all the time so good? Big thank you for everything, Olimpia! I am feeling energised and motivated to write better. Two ideas I value that I have learned: Metaphors make the message human and easy to understand. A good layout and design help your messages succeed.

Angie Sotreanu

CRC Manager, Nestlé Nespresso

I'm so happy to be part of this experience. Ideas I value that I have enhanced: the empathy map, storytelling, power words. Skills I need to try: metaphors!

Dan Vacarescu

Senior Trainer, ING

I'm feeling enriched! I'll always bear in mind the empathy map and I'll use the power words, storytelling, and the 4 steps to persuasion. Promise to have the patience to gain these skills.

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