“The future of learning is not training.”

Knowing how to support an ecosystem in which learning and performance take place is what every learning professional needs.

I’m sure you know that impact on company goals requires more than access to content. It requires a well-designed and executed learning journey to target some particular needs, convey the required knowledge and skills, then tweak the business environment and reinforce the desired behaviours until those become habits. It’s time to move from the artificial and archaic way we separated learning from work to the idea that work is learning.


The program that has helped dozens of corporate L&D teams and consulting companies to grow by designing powerful and professional courses.


Your step-by-step guide to creating high-power corporate communication that makes new processes look easy and lure the audience to adopt your ideas and take action.


Helping companies big and small to succeed by building ecosystem-based learning strategies, learning journeys and courses.


The crucial question to ask yourself when designing learning for performance is: what’s everything else I could do (besides training) that will allow learners to succeed? Fast-forward 90 days after the classroom training, what results do you see? You can achieve what you have envisioned with a Training FollowApp™ tool that will do the training follow-up work for your L&D team.

What our clients say:

Isabelle Begin

Manager, Identification and Talent Development, Quebec, Canada

Collaborating with Olimpia made me realize that two competencies are of the utmost importance for anyone who aspires to improve. First, self-awareness, which means having an accurate sense of my own strengths, limits, motivations and reactions and for me to be able to use this information effectively. Second, the importance for me to trigger engagement into any change management process I want to bring in.

Natalia Abrosimova

Learning and Development Manager, Russia.

There are so many benefits of learning. Starting from building new capabilities for the next career step and financial wellness to improving your health. But learning is also a great joy. This is where Olimpia’s biggest strength is: she is a professional who will ensure receiving the desired outcome and result. But she is also an expert in human nature: you’ll get a lot of fun and pleasure via this journey. This is a rare combination in life: good and pleasant together.    

Peter Iff

Head of Purchasing Excellence, Switzerland

Olimpia Mesa knows how to take her audience on an exciting journey, her course design and delivery are truly remarkable. Olimpia has both inspired and gave us tools to teach, motivate, and encourage audiences not just to listen but to change and to act.

Etem Alnigenis

General Manager, Turkey

An exceptional course with outstanding performance - she impressed all of the participants with her inspiring instantly made hand drawn visuals. She kept whole groups attention at the highest possible level throughout the whole course. It was probably the most effective learning experience I have ever attended, I wholeheartedly recommend working with Olimpia to anyone interested.

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“Choices lead to habits. Habits become talents. Talents are labeled gifts.
You’re not born this way, you get this way.”
Seth Godin