I do not write books, I simply decided they matter and commited myself to help them leave a deeper mark.

As an author, you know deep down that you can touch people's lives beyond the book

however, you may still have a hard time figuring out how to do that and at the same time enjoy the life you envisioned.

One of the biggest challenges authors face after publishing their books is that they feel the value hasn't been fully realised.

Ask any author and they will confirm that books have limited shelf-lives and can be completely ignored without a strategic follow-up plan of action, steps that would firmly keep the light on your ideas and knowledge.

Knowledge alone is not power in this day and age, results are.

It turns out, people read about what they wish for and afterwards they look for something that will help them figure out what they can do about it. Many readers will want to go much deeper and creating an experiential offer such as a course can be very powerful.

By giving your audience more tools to take action, you decrease the gap between what they wish for and what they can do about it.

I am Olimpia Mesa and I can show you how to create powerful learning experiences to help your readers expand learning on your topic. I've been creating courses for a decade and I am here to help you tap into the essence of your content, to uncover the unique ability of your book to transform so that you can finally enjoy the profitable results from your previously published work.

Together we are going to give your book the wings to fly high and leave deeper marks on its audience, as well as help you to create the life you envisioned. For years, I was the woman behind many 7-figure online and live corporate educational programs translated into more than 20 languages. Fluent in four of them, I have designed courses and consulted Fortune 500 companies throughout my career. One day, I removed this huge corporate border and stepped into the spotlight to help world famous elite creators turn their knowledge into profitable products.

Born in the Soviet Union, a place with many “borders”, I removed one when I left my hometown to study Political Sciences in French. I’ve done television, corporate training, professional training, professional instructional design, but I knew there was more for me to create. I always aimed to help people find meaning and create greater results while staying true to their personal power.

A few years ago, while I was in the middle of some great corporate projects, a local author called me and asked me to transform her book into several corporate workshops. I almost refused, but then more books were transformed that year. Looking back I see how I was rejecting the idea of doing something else until I realised I was doing the same thing but for a larger audience. Drawing borders or lines only disconnects, so I accepted to go beyond my own preconceptions. People often ask me how I have come to create the way I do. The answer is I’m looking at what connects people and concepts, not at what separates them.

Go beyond your book with an Online Course.

Most chapters of your book can be turned into powerful Online Lessons which you can present to groups of all types and sizes.

I look forward to sharing with you powerful strategies that will transform the way you look at your book and the way to use a book to create the life you envisioned.

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"We must always be prepared for endless waves of transformation."
Elizabeth Gilbert