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We transform the content of your book, blog, or collection of articles into powerful online or face-to-face courses that help you power your audience. Your written content becomes a modular program designed to guide your audience through practice and development of new habits. An online course contains bite-sized videos, audios, and exercises that encourage reflection, practice, and action.


As an author, you put everything you know into your book or blog. You spend time traveling, speaking, and selling your writing, publishing content daily in between one-on-one consulting sessions. You may soon discover you are not having the impact you wanted. Your business is designed around your published materials, and you are looking for a breakthrough that will allow you to help more people on a deeper level.

Through over a decade of extensive learning design, I’ve discovered that people buy informative books because they desire transformation in themselves. They invest time in reading and in return receive data and information, but not that transformation. People who buy a diet book will continue their usual, unhealthy diet because the guided practice is missing. When they truly want the transformation, they seek out an expert’s help - your help. But what about those who are not able to have your one-on-one attention? In between the casual reader and the one-on-one meeting, there are people who need your expertise. Online courses are a natural solution for those needs. You can use an online learning community to fully leverage your content and increase your impact on the people who need it.


Your Book-To-CoursesTM Transformation Strategy & The First
Course Outline


  • Five one-on-one sessions with our expert to extract your bestselling ideas
  • Your Discovery Journal, which describes your ideal audience and the courses to develop from your book or blog teachings
  • The outline of your first online course

The Instructional Content of Your First Course


  • Ten one-on-one sessions with our expert to agree upon the scope of content
  • Content and practice tools for each lesson
  • Graphic design for all of the course materials

Shooting and Editing Of Your Video Lessons


  • Shooting raw footage of your video content
  • Editing content into video lessons
  • All the technical work you need to make your lessons accessible for your online community

Book-To-AppsTM: Design & Development of Learning Tools in App Form

Let your audience interact with your teachings, practice new skills, and develop new habits.

Sales And Marketing Strategy For Your Course


  • Design for powerful sales funnels
  • Content and graphic design for your marketing campaign
  • Sales Page for your course
  • Effective email marketing
  • Strong launch campaign
  • Ongoing marketing assistance during launch

Publishing Your Course Online


  • Finding the best host for your online learning community
  • How to manage the page for your audience
  • Plug-ins and web development for your online platform

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What our clients say:

Iuliana Stan

Author of "Organisational Common Sense"

If you wrote a book, next step is to transform it into a successful workshop, so people will not only read it but they will start to apply what is written in it. I had the chance to transform my book in a very practical and insightful workshop with Olimpia's great understanding of my concepts and with her outstanding design abilities. Working with her is a learning experience and I would recommend everything she creates: only remarkable and life changing approaches.

Kimberli Pitts Calhoun

CPLP Principal at KPC Consulting, LLC, USA

Olimpia is a very talented and skilled facilitator, who does an excellent job connecting with and meeting the needs of her audience…  Her in depth knowledge of instructional design and facilitation skills are complemented nicely by her pleasant, professional demeanor. It was a real treat to work with her. I've already been able to successfully integrate things I learned from her in my designs and delivery with very effective results. I look forward to collaborating with her again on future endeavors.

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