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With your book you engage your audience in the dream of

Like a seed, the ideas in your book have the power to create incredible learning and new habits, but only if action comes flowing from them. The next natural step for your dedicated fans would be to allocate time, energy and money towards acting upon some of the ideas they found in your book. They would be looking for places they could improve and master the new skills in.

I designed the BOOK TO COURSES™ Online School to help you create and launch courses based on your book. It's about words matching actions for your readers.

You are already creating content: writing articles, speaking at conferences, making online videos, or writing 120-130 words each daily of helpful, inspirational information on your blog, building a website with sample chapters, etc. What if you could use all this content and your book to create revenue-generating activities?

BOOK TO COURSES™ Online School is a step-by-step guide for authors who want to structure their content into an online course and to learn how to up-sell book buyers to course purchasers the simple and profitable way.

BOOK TO COURSES™ Online School is about working on the bigger vision of your book ideas that’s going to move your book-business forward. Proven and easy to apply LEARNING TECHNIQUES, TESTED TECHNOLOGY and RESEARCHED MARKETING TOOLS are waiting for you to take the necessary steps in creating the online space your audience is looking for.

Art and Photography books, Business books, Computer and Technology books, Education books, Health and Wellness books, Lifestyle books, Fashion books, Cookbooks, Food and Wine books, Crafts and Hobbies books, Gardening and Landscape Design books, Home Improvement and Interior Design books, Pets and Animal Care books, Language books, Design and Construction books, Travel books, Guides of all kinds and Tutorials ARE READY TO EVOLVE.


Who is this Online School for?

Book To Courses™ Online School is a 7-week, engaging, video-based program for nonfiction book authors. Your book may be written and published, you may be writing it right now, or you may have an outline and content. This program is ideal for the author who is ready to move away from running-around-speaking towards a more leveraged and passive revenue model.

How will this Online School help you?

Book To Courses™ Online School will help you take your book idea or its table of contents and transform it into a revenue-generating online learning business. Book To Courses™ is also a framework that will give you the freedom to do what you enjoy most while contributing to the transformation of others. A whole new world of opportunities will open up to you, since most of the chapters of your book will be transformed into experiences you might not have even imagined were possible.

How does the Book To Courses™ Online School work?

In this Online School you will roll up your sleeves for hands-on, interactive explorations led by me and stored online. In each module, you will be empowered to design your own course step-by-step, through reflection assignments, short demonstration video lessons, creative exercise videos, and downloadable blueprints and tools. Both the technical aspects and the book-to-courses™ framework are systemised and made simple-to-use. What you are about to learn in the Online School, you’re going to be able to apply straight away.

Why an exclusive Online School for authors?

Once you access Book To Courses™, you will get instant access to a Members-Only Learning Platform and a Members-Only Facebook Community. It’s about going beyond simple networking which means working amongst a diverse mix of fellow-authors with different perspectives and accomplishments. It’s about being surrounded by authors, like you committed to supporting each other, who hold each other accountable and who share their creative ideas and results.

When will we connect live?

In the weekly Work In Progress Q&A Labs you can connect with me and work on your book transformation into a course. In these live sessions you can ask questions, share ideas and get feedback. All Q&A calls are recorded and downloadable after call dates.

Anything important to know before joining in?

You will have Permanent Access to the Book To Courses™ Online School content. A light-hearted, clarifying, fear free journey unlike any other!

Can't tell you how much I love this program. I am so excited that you can now own it and do it at your own pace.

What our clients say:

Terri Altschul

PCC, Founder Women Connected, USA.

Being in a mastermind of Books to Courses™ has been a turning point in my business and vocation. I have been sitting with a wonderful book for four years feeling stuck and not knowing where to go next. Olimipia helped me to see the possibilities, met me right at my level, and made this so easy. She is a wonderful course-creator who gets YOUR work!!

John W. Howard

President of Performance Resources, Inc, Blog Author, USA

For conference talks or small courses, Olimpia can teach you how to transform any content into engaging, intentional, and meaningful experiences.

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