The corporate world is becoming smarter about how people learn.

We now have medical technology that allows researchers to see inside the brain, in ways we've never been able to do before, we are in this new place where new things are coming out about how we are wired, how we learn, and how we turn that learning into behavior change. We know that people learn differently depending on their level of experience and expertise and we also know that people learn differently depending on the content to be learned.

The challenge you probably face is matching the available solutions to the people you seek to help, and the specific type of work they have to do.

It is important to recognize that in the new business world we operate today the best solutions are not limited to training programs, they are much more diverse. This is why my focus for the past ten years was to look at all available approaches to learning in a new way that better addresses the realities and challenges people face working in complex and always changing environments.

You can have a 100% customised learning solution because all we create is based on the realities and challenges people face in your organisation and teams. To create an experience that delivers outstanding results, our design team keeps you involved at every stage of the design process.

Cutting edge courses is what you’ll receive because we work only with certified instructional design professionals and we have been involved in the design and development of dozens of learning projects from around the world.

Your L&D professionals can work with us, we are no strangers to mixed teams and can easily work side-by-side with your in-house trainers who what to create learning design the professional way.

Adam Zakszeski

Vice President of Sales - Joist & Deck
Canam Steel Corp., CANADA

My first contact with Olimpia and Instructional Design was via video conference.   I could tell that she was very well organized and focused on getting to the root of our training needs.   She asked a lot of questions, redirecting the questions when necessary to identify the specific end goal we had in mind.   There was no doubt that she had a training model that worked, because she had proven it a year earlier with our organization when she deployed a course focused on leadership development.


The concerns I had initially were, could it be adapted for our specific training needs?   How much time & effort do I (and my team) need to put into the preparation for it to apply to our unique industry? And, how will we handle the logistics of the physical distance and time zone difference, her in Romania & my team in North America?  In the end, none of these things were an issue. Early on, Olimpia presented some simple questions to help her understand our specific needs. We shared some ideas back and forth, and then the preliminary material was presented to us to review and make our final adjustments.   She even arrived a few days ahead of time for our event, and coached our management team in person to help facilitate the training.   On training day, she really took charge of the group and delivered the material! 

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What our clients say:

Roxana Cunningham

Director at JustinCunningham Online, Results Coach and Facilitator, New Zealand

Olimpia showed me how to think differently about my content and gave me tools to teach, motivate and get my audience to create change. This is the best investment I have made for my business moving forward.

Diana Rosetka

Managing Partner at Equatorial, Romania

Olimpia’s Book To Courses™ Online School is jam packed with information and her work background allows you to get to the core of things quickly and easily. She knows the expert secrets to make our learners coming back for more and more learning experiences. She helped me shift into a new mode of creating work. I’ve learned how to take the content that I have and expand it to the point where I’m able to reach more people in a more deeper level.

Dattatraya Kamatkar

Senior General Manager, India

Insightfully and thoroughly, Olimpia showed us the need to enhance creativity and innovation by thinking differently about our content. With a little investment of time and creativity, you can make courses that engage people’s minds and eyes. After a class with her I just wanted to quietly pick up each of the ideas she crafted and figure out how to bring the practice to my own work. Her system is a timely, winning, and approachable proposition for anyone who wants to create courses that have an impact and sell!

Roxana Mitu

Learning Coordinator, Romania

I virtually travelled with Olimpia on three different continents because of the three reasons I appreciate her the most. When on the Old Continent Olimpia brings new approach to old themes. Our over-used communication trainings become interesting journeys, hip-language translates into interesting and catchy games and collaboration goes to a new level because of her fresh approach. Olimpia transforms old fashioned content into value for new learners. When on the Continent of Spices I called Olimpia for help as she is one of the most seasoned and adaptable consultants I know, analyzing and adapting to many cultures and markets. And in the New World in thought of her and recommended her to a friend because, as I told Olimpia herself, when she brings the design to a course, you feel like a kid on Christmas day, excited to open the box and see what is inside.

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Olimpia Meșa