Successful learning does not stop after the training, neither should your learners.

The number one mistake learning professionals make today is creating content instead of creating results. Avoid it by asking yourself this crucial question when designing learning for performance: what’s everything else I could do (besides training) that will allow learners to succeed? Fastforward 90 days after the learning project, what results do you see?

Real impact on company goals requires more than access to content.

The business impact you are looking for requires a well-designed and executed learning program to target a particular need, convey the required awareness, knowledge, skills, and then reinforce the desired behaviour. It take a lot of effort to manage learning for results, none of which occurs in the organisations where there are no follow-up tools.

No matter what training your employees attended, traditional classroom or virtual, sales or leadership, designed by me or created by an other company, I can create an App that will ensure learners practice after the course. You can achieve what you have envisioned for your business with a Training FollowApp™ tool that will do the training follow-up work for your L&D team.

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“The first step is learning how to do it. But step two is easily overlooked. Step two is turning it into a habit. Committing to the practice. Showing up and doing it again and again until you're good at it, and until it's part of who you are and what you do.”
Seth Godin